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The Brown Speed Bump

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Comrades, we near the one month anniversary of our defense against LPCN's brown team terrorism. It is important therefore to analyze not just our combat effectiveness and kinetic execution, but also to understand the nature of our enemy. Normally a military man avoids open questions, and restricts himself to facts... does the enemy have nukes? Is he active at update? Who is sending him aid?
However, we are facing an adversary that refuses to deal with reality. He believes himself to be above admitting defeat and will conduct any dishonorable act in order to advance his war against the Imperium. MTTezla of GATO recently attempted to mediate a peace agreement, but Sephiroth refused. Stopping him is a task that has been bestowed upon us by force of arms, and it is a duty we must bear without complaint.
As of this moment, with the exception of The Rebel, LPCN has no active combatants above 10,000 NS. This is the result of exceptional military coordination and effective disruption of terrorist logistics, but the terrorists are used to fighting in this type of environment, and rely on their wonder and improvement advantages against newer nations to disrupt tech production and purge producers from this world. This type of warfare is long term and designed to inhibit recruitment and lower morale until the larger alliance gives in to their demands.
Sephiroth is not an exceptional leader and relies on more than 30 wonders and 100 improvements to survive the wars he periodically starts -- and loses. How then was he able to accumulate enough of a following to present a credible threat to civilized, growth-based alliances?
His political power is drawn from the following factors:

  • A member-base that looks down on production and growth
  • A color team with a relatively low voting threshold compared to other spheres
  • A perverted "Libertarianism" used to recruit Real-life Libertarians
  • Fascination of senatorial power and lower-tier wonder-stacks

From its conception, Animalz began as a group of lower-tier rogues that openly despised the productive nations, calling them "farmers," and attracting rogues and raiders who attacked peaceful, less well-defended lower-tier nations in many alliances. As sanctions began to be enforced against them, they moved to brown along with other rogues due to Sephiroth's promise of countering sanctions.
Sephiroth's ideology must be distinguished from actual Libertarianism, which calls for non-aggression, free speech and individual rights. LPCN members have a long history of aggression against many alliances... this is after all what unites them. In fact, the only central tenet LPCN has is that sanctions are bad... in the world of LPCN, every action is acceptable except sanctions because of "free trade."
But these are all acceptable to LPCN:

  • Extorting alliances for votes
  • Initiating aggressive wars and raids
  • Nuking new nations
  • Peacing out nations and then attacking again
  • Coup attempts against alliance governments
  • Breaking treaties like the SNX-Animalz NAP

It should not be surprising that they lack diplomatic relations or treaties with the civilized world. LPCN's ideals are based solely on the self-interest of rogues. If, as Sephiroth demands, SNX left brown... what then? The team would be short more than 50 active, productive nations as a result, and lose hundreds of trading slots. And the team will lose the only large brown alliance that doesn't back down when faced with Sephiroth's threats.


LPCN hates us because they are our exact opposites:

  • SNX values production, LPCN values destruction
  • SNX builds up new nations, LPCN nukes them
  • SNX promotes Order, LPCN advances Chaos

For too long have other alliances followed a policy of appeasement and accommodation, and allowed LPCN to grow as strong as it has today, but the buck stops here. We will not waiver in the face of terror.

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So we're Brown's PDF?

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