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The Imperial Inquisition - Exterminatus, Alliance Wars, Minor Conflicts - Read Here

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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"Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand know that you have no right to let them live."

Exterminatus Extremis




The Imperial Inquisition is the security organization of the Imperium which has the purpose of eliminating grave internal and external security threats to the Imperium. The Imperial Inquisition is descended from the SHADOWS and Revolutionary Guard. The Imperial Inquisition has three Orders, which each reflects a different security need:


Ordo Malleus

The Order of the Hammer is dedicated to countering the propaganda attacks of our enemies.


Ordo Xenos

The Alien Hunters are dedicated to tracking and eliminating Xenos threats such as rogues and managing surrenders during alliances wars.


Ordo Hereticus

Dedicated to stopping "the enemy within" and dealing with spies, deserters and traitors.




Exterminatus is the name of a terrible order given by the Imperial inquisition to zero the stats of a Chaos-corrupted nation. This action is a defensive measure used against major threats, and the intent is to keep these nations in long-term nuclear anarchy to prevent them from launching further aggressive wars. Exterminatus Orders are issued by one or more of the three Inquisitorial Orders, and will be publicly listed in this subforum.


To appeal an Exterminatus Order, you must post a thread to explain why you are not a threat to the Imperium, and how you plan to move on without acting against the Imperium in the future.


Post an Exterminatus Appeal in a new thread using the following format:


Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Nation Strength:
Reason for appealing Exterminatus:



If you are fighting as part of a recognized alliance war, you may have been directed to this forum. You have two options when surrendering.


Post on the CN forums surrender thread here

Or you may make a thread in this subforum using this form:


Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Nation Strength:
Reason for surrendering:



If you are fighting the Imperium but are not part of an alliance war nor are on the Exterminatus list, post a new thread in this subforum using the following form:


Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Nation Strength:
Statement regarding minor conflict:

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