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The history of LPCN

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One of the common themes from the survey's answers is curiosity regarding the LPCN terrorist entity. While it is obvious we are under attack, understanding why requires knowledge of the brown team's historical development.

In 2006, the brown team was one of the first color teams to be civilized when the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) moved here. GATO quickly improved the quality of the sphere, and although today it is one of the smaller color teams, until recently it had been one of the most stable.

In 2014, Supernova X moved to the brown sphere and hoped to create a prosperous future for our members. Eventually, the Bruin Continuity was signed between SNX, GATO, Atlas, and III% to promote cooperation and stability on the brown sphere. Senators worked together to promote a unified team policy and sanction rogues as the other color teams do. The brown team was peaceful and prosperous, and little did everyone know what was to come next.


^^This is the earliest known public statement made by the LPCN terror network, a manifesto written by Methrage to justify a hostile takeover of the brown team. In it, the key statement was made that it desired to changed the status quo and "defend the liberty" of brown team... meaning obstructing the use of sanctions against rogues.

Rogues are nations that launch terrorist attacks against alliances, usually on behalf of a personal grudge or advancing a political motive. Alliances from different spheres work together to sanction rogues, cutting off their trades and aids, and limiting the threat they pose to alliances everywhere. This allows all alliances to crush rogues more effectively so they can continue to grow peacefully.

Methrage, however, saw a way to exploit the smaller size of brown team to gain himself a senate seat and a pedestal to stand on. Attracting rogues from color spheres around the world, he promised to protect them from sanctions in return for their votes. He forced III% off the brown team along with many other nations. In this way he seized a senate seat on brown, and that's when everything changed.

From that point on he and his minions would be engaged in constant warfare against numerous alliances, started a sanction war with Atlas a few months later which affected the trades of SNX and GATO. He also removed sanctions Galerion placed against Thorgrum, a rogue who attacked our friends in X Files (then known as Kashmir). LPCN slowly grew in numbers and even gained two seats at one point, until people began to see the threat he posed to brown team.

This threat not only took the form of terrorism, but also reduced the security of every brown alliance against non-LPCN rogues. This is because other color teams have no reason to sanction rogues attacking us from their team, when we are unable to sanction rogues attacking them from the brown team.

This set the stage for the current conflict we see today. Emboldened by their success, Animalz attacked our allies in December, and then attacked us directly in February with the support of LPCN and Monsters Inc.

We are not just fighting to defend ourselves, but also civilization as a whole on brown. This is part of why we have so much support not just from our allies, but the entire world: if SNX is destroyed, there will be nobody to stop LPCN from attacking other brown alliances, and ultimately, the entire world.

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