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The Struggle of War

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Comrades, we have now been at war with the New Polar Order for 6 days. We have been at war with LPCN and Monsters Inc for almost two months. Some of you are tired and wish more than anything else for peace.

In reality, however, we have been at war since July 2015, when we first lifted the battle flag of our revolution, which was then defended by a handful of nations against the exploitative world at large. Since that time, we have been under attack by the plutocratic powers through the means of libel, political isolation, and frequent plotting against our interests.

Thus it has always been when slaves declare their freedom and seek a new way. Our struggle is not a new one. History is manifested by stories of those who sought to overthrow the clutches of tyranny.

Now you may ask: how is this relevant to an online nation simulation? After all, our lives and well-being are not at risk.

Yet, the smaller struggle presented by the conflicts of this game is not completely dissimilar to real world war and revolution. After all, it takes time and effort to play this game to its fullest... whether we are building our nation, or participating as an officer on the SNX forums. Our efforts bear fruit in the form of a stronger nation, increased aid slot efficiency, and better wartime coordination. We have seen during peacetime the fruits of our labor result in great prosperity, and now we witness as our enemies attempt to rob us of it.

This scaled down struggle of game-war is a spiritual struggle... it requires discipline, endurance, and personal fortitude to watch the time and effort you put into your nation burn, and still have the will to make your adversary burn as well. Like real war, nothing works perfectly... aid does not arrive on time, reinforcements don't always arrive, some people give up.

But what sets a warrior apart is the fact that he never quits, never surrenders, no matter the odds.

We have come this far with fist upraised against the powers that be. Yet there are some who will give up in the first moments of conflict... never truly committed to our cause, riding along when it's convenient to do so -- and bailing when it is not.

It is my experience, however, that this characteristic does not represent the common SNXer... those who are able to fight, do so... those who cannot, fight anyway.

Keep fighting, do not waver and flee, stay true to your discipline and training over the last few months, and you will emerge from this conflict stronger and more respected by the world than before. As Caliph of Doombird Doomcave said... there is no doubt that Supernova X is now battle-hardened.

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