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March of the Defenders

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


  • Imperator Emeritus
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  • Nation Name:Kingdom of Pakalolo
  • Nation Ruler:Immortan Junka



To the battlefront in steel ranks
We march with a firm pace
Our beloved Imperium behind us,
Order established by the Emperor!

We shall not recoil in the battle for Supernova X
Our birthplace and dear Imperium
Like an impregnable wall, an adamant bulwark
We will nuke and harass the enemy!

Our officers are leading at the front
The world shakes under our footsteps
Behind us we protect our new producers
And the sacred Revolution!

For our freedom, with our hands
We built our sacred Imperium
For the infrastructure broken
They shall pay a horrible price!

It is impossible to crush this hero's force
Our wrath is long-lasting and powerful
We have dug the grave for the plutocrats
In the lower-tier we reign supreme!

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