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Be it Peace, Be it change

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    Warrior of Ravens

  • Imperator
  • 19 posts
  • Nation Name:Lissia
  • Nation Ruler:AtlasXero

Though short my current stay, 

I have found comrades and even started my own journey to a rank.

Fought in my first alliance side battle. 


To my enemies,

Our battles were short and destructive. Proud am I to know that I managed to stay up, to struggle with these battles after I'd already made a wrong image of myself. Thankful, that I managed to find worthy foes to give me footing as I try to climb a slick slope. To my enemies, I say, well done.


To my comrades,

The advice you've given me has been not only a big help, it is the reason my nation still stands. I am proud to be of the Imperium. We may all not know each other, but I feel a sense of belonging all the same. The help I've received from you all, is without a doubt, the greatest gesture of friendship that will ever be seen in any alliance.


To the Imperium,

Fight hard. Live hard. Learn hard. Love hard.

Never forget.

We are the most noble,

And Mighty.





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