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SithHead of Visva Eternal

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    Spaceport New Arrival

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  • Nation Name:Visva Eternal
  • Nation Ruler:SithHead

Ruler Name: SithHead
Nation Name: Visva Eternal
Link to Nation: http://www.cybernati...ation_ID=608122
Recruited By (if none put N/A): AvengerFin
Is this your first Nation? Yes
Were you a member of any other alliances? No
Are you in any trouble abroad? No
Why do you want to join the Imperium?: Recruited by co-worker
How active can you be? daily
Are you interested in participating as an Officer? Why not
What do you expect from the Imperium?: Receive and give help to brothers in need

I, SithHead, do solemnly swear
Loyalty and service unto the Imperium
To speak and to be silent, to do and to let be,
To come and to go, in need and in plenty,
In peace and in war, in living and in dying,
From this hour henceforth,
until the Imperium releases me,
EZI take me, or the game ends.



    Too Much Free Time

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  • Nation Name:blighty
  • Nation Ruler:Galerion


Congratulations, you have been found worthy to be a member of the Imperium of Supernova X! Bear in mind that your new title, Imperator, means you are a military fighter; you will be expected to conduct yourself according to the highest standards of behavior. You will also be held to the words of your oath.

First among your tasks is to sign up for the Interstellar Tech Program. After you sign up, an officer will assist you in becoming a productive buyer or seller in our alliance. All of your economic problems can be solved in the Central Planning Forum. If your trades are incomplete, you are required to move to brown and sign up for brown trade circles.

With these tasks completed, we guide you to our Knowledge College, a collection of CN guides that will aid you in your path to success and power. The Members Area in general is where all CN related discussion takes place at the membership level.

Imperium Square hosts all of our public records, and you are encouraged to read the Producerist Manifesto, which outlines the guiding doctrine of this alliance. Producerism establishes our system where tech producers are fairly compensated for their tech, in return for strong military service in defense of our Imperium. Producerist tech rates are among the best in Cybernations, and our aid activity is nearly the highest.

If you have any questions regarding how this alliance operates, or are interested in a future officer's career, please contact me

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    Warrior of Ravens

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  • Nation Name:Lissia
  • Nation Ruler:AtlasXero

Welcome to the Alliance!!!!

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