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Flags of the Imperium

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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The Following are the official flags of the Supernova X Imperium



Peacetime Flag of the Imperium


The Flag of the Imperium is the original flag of the Supernova X alliance. A work of art created during the first Imperium, the flag expresses the spirit and history of the alliance, which was created from the merger of four ancient alliances (MCXA, LoSS, NSF and GDA) represent by the four stars. Earth, the home world of the Imperium, is flanked by the defining ring of the Supernova X stellar system and the Laurel of the Imperium.



War Flag of the Imperium


The War Flag of the Imperium is represented by the Emblem of Producerism, the Fist and Dagger. Flanked by both the Arrows of Expansion and the Shield of Stability, and surrounded by the Red Field of War, the Fist and Dagger represents the producerist Will of the Imperium unrestrained. Only those who have fought in the defense of the Imperium are authorized to fly the War Flag.

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