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Into the Imperium the German Army march

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Into the Imperium the German army march


In Supernova-X, Summer 2015
Tanks line up in thousands as far the eye can see
Ready for the onslaught ready for the fight
Waiting for the Raiders to march into the trap

Mines are placed darkness in the cover of the night
Waiting to be triggered when the time is right
Imminent invasion imminent attack
Once the battle started there’s no turning back


The end of the Nordreich draws near
It’s time has come to an end
The end of an era is here
It’s time to attack!


Into the Imperium the German army march
Comrades stand side by side to stop the Norzi charge
Tanks on Imperium soil a thunder in the east
One million men at war the Producer's Wrath unleashed


Fields of Pakalolo where heat of battle burned
Suffered heavy losses and the tide of war was turned
Driving back the Germans fighting on 6 fronts
Hunt them out of SNX, liberate the land!

Reinforce the frontline force the Raiders to retreat
Send in all the reserves securing their defeat
Soldiers of the Imperium broke the citadel
Ruins of the raiders the Norzis rest in hell


Oh Supernova, Imperium of lands
Will of the people strong in command
Oh Supernova, Imperium of lands
Once more victorious the Crimson Army stands

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