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Book of Chantings

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Between the stars the ancient unseen enemies of mankind wait and hunger. Every voyage into the nothing is a confrontation with horror, with the implacable nations of none, and with man's own innermost fear.



What some call freedom is deception; occupied by trifling conflicts, the new nation is incapable of achieving his full potential. The state of nature is our Enemy.



The reprobate mind can be excused, and the ignorant treated with kindness. But to oppose the Imperium is wrong by definition.



It has entered the mind of a few that the individual is more important than the whole. They act with secret malice, exploiting the miniscule wealth of the weak.



In doing so they weaken themselves; though they may tower in stature, their hearts are filled with cowardice. Like cockroaches before a flashlight they flee the field of battle. Thus was the lesson harshly learned in July.



Ask not what the Imperium has done for you, ask instead what you have done for the Imperium.



The Imperium is a living thing: the commander its brain, the officers its bones, the forums and announcements its eyes and ears, the members its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone.



If deviance and poor discipline is permitted, then, the result is cancer. As the individual deviates, he infects others with his mentality, and the body begins to degenerate and weaken.



It is at this time Chaos seizes the opportunity to reduce us to rubble.



Therefore fear not the alien, but fear the heretic, for his corruption throws the gates open to attack.

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    Too Much Free Time

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What about the witch, the mutant?

If only the Imperium (particularly the Guard & Admech) adopted the Productive practices of the Tau.

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