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If Supernova X was defeated

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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What would have happened if Supernova X had been defeated and destroyed in July? That is perhaps the most significant and upsetting question about the July 2015 Revolution.

Much has been said about the July Revolution, what happened behind the scenes, the objectives of the raiding alliances and of former Supernova X members who supported the raids, and the NpO treaty cancellation. But speaking of a hypothetical defeat would not be possible without analyzing the history of previous SNX defeats, just as one cannot hypothesize the nature of SNX's possible defeat without taking into account the nature of our adversaries. Only then can we consider the consequences of a defeat in July.

The founding of the Imperium

As noted by the Imperium Regulations Code

Supernova X Alliance has a unique history on "Planet Bob." The following alliances, plagued by inactivity or poor discipline, were merged in an attempt to create a sum greater than its parts:

Multicolor Cross-X Alliance
League of Small Superpowers
North Star Federation
Global Democratic Alliance

Thus, the merger of these entities became represented in the name Supernova X.

Although the alliance began impressively, with ten million nationstrength and 200 members, the First Imperium was plagued by a divided government model which created strife between different branches of government.

After the shortcomings of divided government became clear during the Doom War, the Second Imperium was established, which swung the pendulum of government towards absolute autocracy. Unfortunately, new shortcomings became clear, as government became a closed and corrupt circle, and ministers outnumbered workers.

During the July Revolution of 2015, members of Supernova X deposed the Second Imperium and engaged in a resistance effort against numerous raiding alliances. In the midst of this conflict the Third Imperium was born, a meritocratic entity which evolves beyond the failure of both democracy and autocracy to create a New Order based on democratic autocracy.

Although this description of our history covers the internal reasons for decay, it does not discuss the long-term plotting of our external opponents against SNX. This plotting began as soon as the formation of Supernova X was announced.

On the 17th of August, Senator Ryan Thomas IV announced the formation of Supernova X. The announcement came under immediate fire from a number of individuals who were very unhappy to see our forerunners attempt a do-or-die merger:



So after you guys get steamrolled, will you break apart or separate back into the useless alliances you were before? - Krihelion/Unkajo (then in Non Grata)


With so many individuals having expressed opinions regarding our impending failure, it was thus in their interests to see that this happened. Backed by individuals and alliances adversarial towards Supernova X, reactionary elements of the Global Democratic Alliance and League of Small Superpowers fragmented, and in the case of LoSS, an administrator seized control of the first SNX forums, sharing classified information from the SNX forums with Non Grata (who in turn provided protection).

SNX was woefully unprepared to deal with the initial problems afflicting the Imperium from abroad. Beset by a heavily legalistic divided government model, there were frequent breakdowns in communications between different branches of the alliance. The LoSS declaration by Masterchief777 itself was never intended to be publicly announced and was against the opinion of myself and other members of government. This split in government would soon lead to a power struggle between the Senate, Triumvirate and Judicial branches, and the SHADOWS unit and triumvirate.

By October, after a drawn out internal struggle as Senator, I had been expelled from Supernova X. This illegal expulsion was executed by the judicial branch with the support of the triumvirate two days after I had been re-elected Senator, and was implicitly announced on October 30th. On the same day of my expulsion, Tidybowlman, a rogue who had been hiding in peacemode for over a month, openly returned to Non Grata.



Congrats on the new government and the lack of tywin! - XR1, a raider during the July Revolution

Less than two weeks after this announcement, Doom Squad declared war on Supernova X, capitalizing on the very poor decisions made by SNX govt. It was at this point that Supernova X continued in its rapid decline featuring multiple political fragmentations and rapid Nation Strength loss until the events in July.

July Revolution

For new members, then, it becomes clear that the hatred for Supernova X existed long before the beginning of the Revolution, supported by the ambition of tyrants desiring to boast that they had destroyed a community and an alliance. Thus we can return to the original question:

What would have happened if Supernova X had been vanquished in July?


  • The tyranny of Masterchief777

Today we look at the actions of the traitor Masterchief777 with disgust, but during the July Revolution it was the popular opinion abroad that his "SNX Restoration Movement" would become the legitimate successor of SNX, especially with Nordreich assisting in their forced enslavement tactics. Masterchief777 was a supporter of exploitative 6/200 and 9/300 tech deals, and he secured military assistance by promising to exploit younger SNX nations on behalf of his backers.

SNX Restoration Movement later renamed themselves the Galactic Guard, but we can see by their statistics today that GG is far inferior to SNX by almost every measure. It can be seen, therefore, that had his efforts to subvert the Imperium for his own selfish cause been successful, our alliance would continue to be a failure as it was under his leadership as SNX triumvir and GG alliance owner.


  • The Producerist Revolution halted

SNX is the first and only alliance to adopt the principles of Producerism as part of its government platform, and Producerism itself is an ideology created from the struggle of the July Revolution. It is Producerism that established the 18/300 tech deals for all SNX members and a strong military command for our common defense. It has brought us new allies and new respect abroad because it gave power back to the masses of our alliance... establishing a government by the people, for the people, and of the people.


  • A permanent siege

Had we fled to peace mode rather than confronted our adversaries on the field of battle with nuclear weapons, assuming we had not been force-disbanded, there is a good chance our upper tier would still be in peace-mode today and a constant target of raids and invasions. There is no desire abroad to ally any alliance consisting of cowards; by finally demonstrating our mettle and determination to the world, we have deterred our extermination.


  • Less active players in the game

A strong case can be made that many nation rulers would have left the game if SNX had been destroyed; in Polaris I was informed by members here that they would simply quit if Supernova X died. Also, we would not have excellent new members like Animus, Leicaboss, Corvo and Anadaric as active and productive Officers today.

The lessons of July

Thus by looking at our history we can observe some crucial lessons regarding our path going forward

  • We can never allow ourselves to soften militarily and must maintain our nuclear deterrence
  • We must remain unified in command, commissioning and accomplishing new goals
  • We cannot allow fear to govern our actions when fear had betrayed us in the past
  • We must remember that at the first signs of weaknesses, our adversaries moved against us
  • We have to realize that as long as we are a determined military force we can never be defeated

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