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A Week that Shook the World

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Absolute Power.
"It was the high noon of the Imperium, an age when there was something empowering about being an Xian"


Every recognized government of Supernova X called itself an Imperium, but only the latest Imperium has manifested in the true meaning of the word. Sometimes questions are asked as to whether the current Imperium could have "saved" the strength and majesty of our alliance at founding, but I personally do not believe this would have been possible.


When viewing our history from as a process, rather than a series of random events, it becomes clear that despite our setbacks, SNX has done well maturing in the short time that was given us. It could be said that the mistakes of the past were lessons that our core membership accepted with a forward-thinking attitude. While many fair-weather members deserted, among the Heroes of July there were no bad attitudes... only a conviction to survive.


"Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight. If they will face death, there is nothing they may not achieve. Officers and men alike will put forth their uttermost strength." - Sun Tzu


Achieving true Imperium was always meant to be a process filled with struggle. The power of the producer unchained has welded our alliance into a true Imperium.


A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

"The aristocracy was ill-prepared to quell a revolution"


At first, there were accusations made that the July Revolution was an illegitimate coup-de-etat. The difference between a coup and revolution may seem trivial until one grasps the wider implications.


A coup is simply a change in leadership after which the system remains the same. Masterchief777 and some of his cohorts attempted a coup when they called for a provisional government to replace the last Imperium. He was a key supporter of infrastructurism, the existing ideology of techsploitation and repression. The "Galactic Guard" he formed with his allies is almost identical in form to the government we overthrew.


The old regime had its foundation on cronyism and separation. Incompetent officials were mostly inactive and used their powers to install a wall against more active producers. This lead to an attrition of talent when the best members either left or became less active. Thus, exactly what had killed our forerunner alliances was now strangling SNX.


The prior Imperium stood apart from the membership and never raised the alliance far above the state of nature. To correct this, the July Revolution established a Producerist State that allowed every member to reach their full potential. It abolished the ministries to create a clear chain of command that the post-revolutionary membership later ratified after our new Imperium was established.




An ideology that holds that the productive forces of an alliance must overthrow parasitical elements of the existing elite.


If the Imperium was carved from a downtrodden membership by the struggles of Revolution, it was Producerism that shaped the consciousness of these nations. Producerism made clear the contradictions between the mechanisms of the old system and the interests of active producers, and provided a plan to permanently overthrow them.


Until the week of the revolution, Producerism existed primarily as a stew of incoherent thoughts in the minds of a disconnected membership. Individual opinions had existed previously -- revolt against techsploitation here, dissatisfaction with leadership there -- but the existential struggle of the Revolution fused these individual perspectives into a uniform alliance ideology.


Our adversaries expected that "Shark Week" would mark the end of SNX because they failed to understand the progression of history. In the end, the result was the birth of a new era in history... the raids are now recognized as secondary in importance to the long-term global consequences of the Producerist State.

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