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The Three Day War: Nov 3rd Offensive Re-unification After Action Report

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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As follows is the official report regarding the successful re-unification of Supernova X and former Galactic Guard nations.
Immediately after receiving intelligence regarding the cancellation of the protection of AFRO (formerly Galactic Guard or the so-called SNX Restoration Movement) the Imperium began to mobilize for offensive action. After heightened alertness the Imperium was ready to engage offensively within 72 hours and execute final operations within 24 hours.

The forward elements of the military offensive were deployed within 60 seconds of the end of protection, 0000 NOV 3RD. Within the first hour more than a half-dozen Supernova X Nations had engaged in multiple offensive wars during the initial blitzkrieg against AFRO nations. This was accompanied by an elaborate psychological operations campaign that informed defending nations regarding the treachery of Masterchief777. The kinetic force initiated was overwhelming and shattered the morale of unexpecting defenders.

The next day, criminal mastermind Masterchief777 would maliciously disband his alliance affiliation, enraged that "his" nations refused to fight for him while he hid in peacemode. At this organized rescue and re-unification operations began, and by NOV 6 most former AFRO nations had merged into Supernova X, with some members swearing revenge against the criminal leader:


Why do you want to join the Imperium?: Revenge on Masterchiev777

As the rescue and re-unification effort proceed smoothly, former members deceived by Masterchief777 were welcomed with open arms by comrades long separated by his deceit and treachery. One former AFRO member received a SECRET clearance and became an Operations Officer, while many others quickly integrated into the advanced INTERSTELLAR program and voted for Commissar Galerion.

Some comments made during the official After Action Report by SNX members:

it went well and the alliance disbanded very quickly
i especially like the propaganda when animus sent a message saying that masterchief777 was hiding cowardly in peace mode that's what got me to surrender

I was minding my own business when suddenly three nations, I think at least one or two of SNX declared war on me. I immediately realized why we were targeted. I honestly was ready to rage quit Cybernations. Then AFRO was deleted and some members were welcoming in SNX, like Immortan Junka. (I almost didn't join SNX because some members were overtly aggressive and frankly rude). Finally, to finally be productive I joined SNX.



The whole operation was extremely laid out and well planned.
The only issue that popped up for me was I blew a stagger on a target.



It was exciting.
And it went well, just how I thought it would.
Based on the fighting history of the target nations, I knew many wouldn't want to fight.

This demonstration of military capabilities within the duration of the First Five Month Plan has shown to the world the resolution and strength of the liberated producer, crowned with final victory. Estimated long-term consequences include an increase in tech production, improving military capabilities and multiple new treaty partners.

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