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New Years Address 2016

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Imperators and Friends


We are now in the New Year of 2016. The sensation of this wonderful moment between the past and the future is familiar since childhood. We look forward to it with joy, hope and excitement, knowing we will accomplish the best.


Traditionally, we celebrate it with our families, with all our nearest and dearest ones. Of course, here in CN we have engaged in a conflict that escalated on New Years Eve. This escalation began with further terrorist attacks against our Imperium by Animalz.


We are grateful to all those who are standby to defend this alliance, day and night, over weekdays and holidays. Today, I would like to extend special greetings to those of our members who are fighting low-tier terrorism, defending Supernova X's global interests on distant frontiers, showing our willpower and determination.


The success of the entire Imperium depends on the efficient work and achievements of each one of us. We are united by the same objectives, by our common desire to rebuild our alliance and by our sense of responsibility for its future.


In December, we marked the 6th month anniversary of Victory during the July Revolution. Our history, the experience of our remaining members, our unity in times of trouble shall always serve as an example for us. The Heroes of the Revolution are largely out of range of the current anti-terrorism operations, but they continue to serve with logistical support to our low tier.


Let us thank each other for understanding and support, for sympathy and responsiveness we give each other. And let us raise a toast to the prosperity and well-being of Supernova X!


Happy New Year to you!

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