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26JAN16 Codex Imperium

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Imperium of Supernova X





Emperor's Hand



Senatorum Imperialis

(Senior Officers)


Codex Imperium of Supernova X


Table of Contents


IR 300 Imperium Mandate

IR 310 Chain of Command

IR 320 Membership Duties


Imperium Regulation 300-1 Cultural History

Regulation History: This publication is revised (January 2016)


Supernova X was founded from the merger of MCXA, LoSS, NSF and GDA in 2014 as an effort to rejuvenate four dying alliances. Although the alliance began impressively, with ten million nationstrength and 200 members, the First Imperium was plagued by a divided government model which advanced Chaos within the government itself. This government failed as officials embraced the degeneracy that doomed our forerunners to a slow, inglorious death. Those attempting to strengthen Supernova X were persecuted and driven from the alliance.


After the shortcomings of divided government became clear during the Doom War, the Second Imperium was established, which swung the pendulum of government towards absolute autocracy. Unfortunately, new shortcomings became clear, as government became a closed and corrupt circle, and ministers outnumbered workers. Following numerous scandals, the remaining corrupt officials fled, fully abandoning the Imperium to Chaos.


During the July Revolution of 2015, the members of Supernova X deposed the Second Imperium and engaged in a resistance effort against raiding Chaos alliances. These raiders were supported by traitors, and their efforts were augmented by vultures from many alliances who attempted to poach our members. It was the darkest day for the Imperium since the Doom War, and the closest we have yet come to full extinction.


In the midst of this conflict the Third Imperium was born; outnumbered twenty to one, the Heroes of the Revolution fought desperately to cast out the raiders and traitors who supported them. After a week-long battle, the Imperium proved victorious, and over the coming months would hunt down traitors culminating in the November Third Operation. During this Operation, former SNXers were reunified from the rogue faction Galactic Guard and liberated from Chaos.


Imperium Regulation 300-2 Producerism

Regulation History: This publication is original (July 2015)


Producerism is the official ideology of Supernova X. Producerism holds that the productive alliance member is the primary measure of value and that producers should enjoy the most influence in an alliance. Production is defined as any activity which advances the interests of the Imperium. Every alliance member is capable of becoming an active producer and, furthermore, expected to do so.


Production must take a disciplined form; growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Therefore officer ranks will be established to provide discipline and guidance within the Producerist masses, promote Self Reliance, and promote industrialization and militarization of the alliance.


Imperium Regulation 300-3 Government

Regulation History: This publication is original (July 2015)


Democratic Autocracy is the official form of government of Supernova X. Democratic Autocracy is represented by a strong commander who channels the will of his membership, but avoids the pitfalls of both liberal democracy and corrupt authoritarianism. Leadership should be honest and as transparent as possible, and always consult alliance producers before making major decisions.


Imperium Regulation 300-4 Official Communications Policy

Regulation History: This publication is original (July 2015)


Official Public channel of Supernova X: #Imperium

Official Alliance forums: cn-snx.co.uk


Imperium Regulation 310-1 Unified Command

Regulation History: This publication is revised (January 2016)


The Unified Command is descended from the Strategic Command and Revolutionary Guard formed during the July Revolution in defense against the raiding alliances. Recognizing the need to adapt and overcome, the precedent is now established for a new leadership and code referendum following the conclusion of each five month plan.


The Emperor

The position of Emperor represents an increased responsibility beyond mere military matters. The Emperor is dedicated to expanding the power, producerist ideology, culture, and member-base, enforcing Order, upholding discipline and morale, voicing the will of the membership, and establishing the Pax Imperium.


The Emperor's Hand

Regent and Heir Apparent, the Emperor's most capable officer is responsible for executing the Emperor's Will and leading the Imperium in his absence.


Senatorum Imperialis

The Senatorum Imperialis (Imperial Council) is the Emperor's governing body, consisting of the most trusted and senior officers and retired officers of the Imperium.


Imperium Regulation 310-4 Junior and Senior Officers

Regulation History: This publication is revised (January 2016)


The Emperor and Emperor's Hand will have the authority to create and abolish other officer positions within the command branches according to situation and need.


Imperium Regulation 320-1 Membership Obligations

Regulation History: This publication is revised (January 2016)


Members of Supernova X are expected to be active and adhere to producerist guidelines of National industrialization and militarization. The necessity of these guidelines are apparent upon reviewing our history of prior military inadequacy and weak wartime leadership.


Additionally members are encouraged to pursue an Officer's career and participate in Unified Command. Members are prohibited from engaging in conduct that is damaging to morale and discipline.


Imperium Regulation 320-2 Membership Requirements

Regulation History: This publication is revised (January 2016)


New Members should apply in the Imperium Immigration Center and fully complete the pinned Immigration Form. Upon passing a thorough background check, members will be processed and accepted.

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