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"Not A Step Back!"

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Commemorative poster representing the existential struggle against the Norzis last year




☆ Immortan Junka ☆ Edward Graceford ☆ Lemac ☆ Galerion ☆ Zzniperr ☆ AvengerFin ☆ Uncle Don ☆ Strider Yoshi ☆ Blind Cyclops ☆  Pamacii ☆ Humann ☆ Pendragon ☆ SaudiGamer123 ☆


In July 2015, Supernova X fought not only a revolution against the corrupt former government, but fought against numerous enemy alliances attempting to extinguish our revolution. Outnumbered 20 to 1 and ill-prepared, here is the story of those desperate days told through the statements of those times.


"Two soldiers popped in yesterday for a drink, so we asked them, ‘Will it all end soon?’ They said they didn’t know – nobody thought Supernova X would still be fighting. Today, it’s 10 days since Polaris cancelled our last treaty."

Unknown Citizen, Supernova X, July 16


"[...]While I use the language of the 'raiders' I do not consider this to be a raid. This is a mercy-killing. From another perspective, it may be seen as the extermination of the useless."

Kingzog of Nordreich, Open World Forum, July 12


"It's a strange one, SNX being cut adrift with few allies now but on the flip side the Polar treaty was little more than a target painted on their backs to start the last war."

Sabcat, Kashmir, July 09


"I wish your movement prosperity and good fortune! May you be an ally of the Nordreich!"

Kristjan Laidoner to traitor Masterchief777, in a mass-PM sent to SNX members, July 11


"Also I kinda doubt it's just a raid... One of my guys says he's just following his orders, and he's not Reich either. Make what you want of it."

AvengerFin, In-game announcement, July 17


"We'll make it through this in mostly one piece. In some ways I have reasons to be optimistic coming out of this."

Edward Graceford, Tactical Operations Center, July 13


"This conflict feels like Stalingrad, where some were issued Mosin-Nagants & 5 rounds, while others only got 5 rounds"

Humann, Open World Forum, July 12


"I will not distribute any orders to hide in peace mode. Running from the fight will not solve our long term issues, but will instead result in more attacks against anyone outside of peace mode. Such a disastrous policy would only result in our being encircled and besieged long-term and the destruction of any future military treaty potential."

Immortan Junka, Imperium Milcom Announcement, July 10

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