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The Methrage Heresy

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Immortan Junka

Immortan Junka


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Chaos Lord Sephiroth, having broken Rydin the Courageous, now faces me for the first time to determine the fate of the Brown Team.


Methrage and I both hailed from an alliance called Fifth Column Confederation in the ancient years of this realm. Between us I was the elder, conceived in March of 2007. His own Nation would soon after be formed in September. We two are the last survivors of the ancient FCC, and though we had many similarities, our conception was separated by the events of Great War III. For in the latter days of the war, a month after my own conception, /b/ would summon the foulness of the Warp by hacking the CN forums and filling it with goatse and other degeneration.


Thus I was filled with horror upon witnessing the Chaos of the Warp and resolved to fight it. Methrage, however, had never seen it firsthand, but was instead born into a now-corrupted realm. Some months later, I would embark on the first of many journeys in my struggle of understanding, and arrive in the Imperial Assault Alliance. Methrage, however, would remain in FCC, learning many arcane arts and growing in great strength. For the "libertarianism" of FCC valued above all else freedom, and he began to realize the power that Chaos held.


As time passed, FCC had fallen greatly in stature, and within a few years I had almost forgotten about it. Methrage, on the other hand, became obsessed with saving a failed and now obscure alliance. Though much is now shrouded in secrecy, what little is known is that perhaps aided by sorcery he became King of FCC and consumed the last of the life energy it had left to offer.


At some point, his interests conflicted with GOONS, and he was humiliated before them. In a great rage, he cried out to the Ruinous Powers for assistance, and his own nation became a despoiled, desolate wasteland of Chaos. Its once great population annihilated, all that remained was a massive catacomb of wonders and improvements, operated by Daemons and other terrible creatures in his service.


Still, his form was not completely hideous yet to look upon. Away from his home-world the Libertarian Empire, he took the appearance of a great winged being named Sephiroth. Forming a group called the Limitless Nexus, he seduced several worlds to his service.


Sometime after this, Supernova X was formed on the brown team, and the term Imperium first was used in the original charter to describe the government. Comprised of a massive ten million nationstrength and 200 worlds, this Imperium could have easily seized the majority of the brown team senate, but it was weakened by divided government and indecisive leaders. After I was expelled, the Imperium fragmented, and would come under direct attack by the Forces of Chaos during the Doom War. In this war, half of the Imperium was obliterated, and the future of Brown was filled with uncertainty and doubt.


Descending onto Brown Team, the Sephiroth promised to build a new future based on Libertarianism and brown unity. He quickly drew to his ranks rogues, alliances like Animalz, and others who would swell his ranks and gain him a Senate Seat. At this point, I made the mistake of trusting him, for he seemed capable of breaking the corrupt forces of the Bruin Continuity, and I was now serving as Polar ambassador to Supernova X.


It seemed to me that here was a chance for the Imperium to rebuild itself, for I could use such a Warmaster as he to help me bring Order to brown. I would begin to advise him as to how to defeat the Bruin Continuity, and during the July Revolution, it seemed at the time we would someday make natural allies. With Doomsphere and Methrage with me, it seemed inevitable that the Imperium would achieve its destiny.


However, Methrage had plans of his own. Engaging in a series of wars and conflicts with Doomsphere and many others, he increasingly began to see himself as the rightful leader of brown, and that LPCN should be the primary force. But I began to see through the Chaos he was creating, and began to suspect the worst. My fears were finally confirmed when he used his senate seat to obstruct our use of sanctions against Thorgrum, a rogue who was hitting our friends in Kashmir. Thorgrum would be one of many rogues to join Methrage's Army of Chaos on Brown.


Wars would never cease on Brown, as Methrage engaged in one conflict or another against many alliances that refused to submit to his will. Claiming sovereignty over alliances in LPCN, he began to pressure SNX to join, which we refused to do.


The stage was set for the conflict that has engulfed Brown today.

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