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How NOT to apply for an embassy mask

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We went to war with GOONS in part to secure COBRA's votes; since then there has been an effort to pull away our votes on Brown.


I think if SNX were to agree on using your extra votes to ensure me, Galeriion & Sigrun make up 3 of the Senators; as well as an Anti-Sanction Treaty, maybe we could all be on the same page and maybe peace could come much sooner. If we can agree on the Anti-Sanction platform, then working together towards the benefit of the team shouldn't be a problem. Doom and others would know not to bother asking for sanctions.


So if you guys want to undo the damage you did with your interference while we fought GOONS, helping us elect Sigrun in addition to me would be good progress. If you guys are uninterested in discussing any deals so early on in the war, that is fine as well. If you want you can move this to a private Limitless Nexus Embassy.


With the second votes not being cast yet, if you guys were interested in peace helping get Sigrun elected this cycle would be a nice show of willingness to cooperate.



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Sorry if I'm over reaching. But I'm sure Brian be more respected if it were 2 SNX, 2 GATO and 1 Atlas



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He is an absolute moron and hasn't taken on board what we reject about LPCN.

He constantly offers those very things which we feel are detrimental to brown or not in line with our internal policies and isn't interested in any leeway in those areas.

He also doesn't realise that relations with LPCN mean little to us beyond ridding ourselves of a publicly vocal pain in the backside who aggravates our allies and bob as a whole.

What he wants to achieve can not be achieved the way he has been going about it and will never be achieved the way he wants it while we remain on brown, being as we have no plans on moving from brown his only option is to move from brown and start over.

My advice to you seph is move from brown, keep quiet and focus on building up LN, Confederatio Aesir and aNiMaLz player base, until you do that your ambitions will always remain a dream.

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Please fill out the pinned thread to access your embassy.

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